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About Vapor IO

Vapor IO is developing the largest nationwide edge colocation and interconnection platform at the edge of the wireless network. Serving the world's largest wireless carriers, cloud providers, web-scale companies and other innovative enterprises, the company's Kinetic Edge combines multi-tenant colocation with software-defined interconnection and high-speed networking. The Kinetic Edge delivers the most flexible, highly-distributed edge infrastructure at the edge of the wireless network.

As the world moves towards a new era of applications dominated by AR, VR and autonomous driving, our current centralized internet infrastructure can't keep up. To make these applications practical, not just possible, we knew we needed the Kinetic Edge. Vapor IO is dedicated to building out the Kinetic Edge as a nationwide network of edge data centers, using our purpose-built technologies and products to create the foundation for the next-generation internet.

Mission to our employees

We are committed to providing our employees an exciting work environment with equal opportunity for learning and personal growth. Creativity and innovation are highly encouraged for improving the service and technology Vapor IO provides to its customers.



Vapor IO is searching for an organized, experienced procurement professional to join our growing team as Procurement Manager. You will report to our VP of Finance, who leads our finance, accounting and HR functions. In this position, you will have responsibility for overall procurement and asset tracking responsibility. You will use your knowledge and experience to establish relationships and serve as a representative of the company when negotiating contracts and building vendor and supplier trust as well as tracking and monitoring the delivery and confirmation of all materials and services. Additionally, you will seek ways to constantly improve our supply chain and asset tracking process to ensure that Vapor IO is always manufacturing our core edge infrastructure at the best value.


Who You Are:

You are a trusted business advisor with deep first-hand roots in purchasing. You know how to procure product combining excellent supply chain and vendor management, program/project management, product and overall business skills to ensure we always have product, where we need it, when we need it. You have successfully demonstrated the ability to work with hardware and software engineers in the procurement of products and services at the highest quality and lowest possible cost. You enjoy developing relationships with your internal customers and your suppliers.


What You Will Do:

• Establish overall procurement process that can be used for all procurement activity. This will include standard bid documents, NDAs etc. to support the rapid procurement of materials and services.

• Institute an RFI/RFP methodology to ensure that we are obtaining the most cost-effective pricing via multiple bids where materials and services are commonly available within a given market.

• Manage end to end bid process from creation, through client/supplier responses, to structuring and presenting recommendations.

• Ensure all suppliers are compliant with any NDA, MSA etc. requirements set forth by Vapor IO finance and legal.

• Provide an organized platform to manage bids, responses and pertinent historical information.

• Ensure that procurement activity is executed in concert with overall program schedules as set forth for a given market or initiative.

• Create and maintain a supplier management process e.g. QBRs/regular reviews, formal feedback, score cards etc.

• Negotiate, review and manage contracts for accuracy and thorough attention to detail while following specific legal and client guidelines.

• Capture, store and report all appropriate assets procured, inclusive of all relevant data to satisfy legal, accounting and insurance requirements.

• Seek ways to provide cost-effective solutions that equal or better baseline needs/functionality.

• Contribute in creating process, policy and troubleshooting documentation according to company standards.

• Create and maintain solid relationships with vendors and suppliers.

• In concert with legal, negotiate appropriate contracts.

• Work with operations to develop future purchasing plans and source potential relationships with vendors.

• Analyze potential vendors and suppliers for future project needs.

• Collaborate with legal and financial team members on contracts, invoicing, and other financial matters

• Create policies and procedures for risk management and mitigation

• Evaluate and implement a procurement software solution that is appropriate for Vapor IO.

• Evaluate and implement an inventory tracking/asset management system to assure we meet proper internal controls for asset security.



What You Bring:

• 10+ years previous experience in procurement, including experience with several different procurement software solutions.

• Experience in managing RFI/RFP processes, obtaining responses, evaluating and making recommendations.

• Experience in contract negotiations resulting in cost savings plus holding suppliers/partners accountable.

• Experience in manufacturing processes.

• Experience working with subject matter experts to gather their requirements and formulating bid packages.

• Experience with project management principles and integrating with a master schedule.

• Excellent problem solving and critical thinking skills.

• Working knowledge of datacenter or telco environments, processes and terminologies is preferred.

• Able to multitask, prioritize, and manage time efficiently.

• Accurate and precise attention to detail.

• Able to make decisions in a fast-paced environment.


This position has been closed and is no longer available.
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